UAE’s Dubai Schools: All set and prepared to go back to 100% in-person learning

Strengthening Covid-19 safety procedures has been top on the agenda as Dubai schools prepare to welcome all pupils back to campus on October 3. In preparation for a safe return, schools have rearranged classroom seating, reinforced the bus fleet, and trained school employees on safety practices. Students who seek to continue with distance learning after the Knowledge and Human Development Authority’s deadline must provide a medical certificate issued by the Dubai Health Authority. After October 3, those who are stranded abroad can enroll in distant learning.

Meanwhile, school officials said that the bulk of students had returned to campus. Schools have been doing frequent sessions to address safety issues and inspire confidence in parents concerned about the return to in-person schooling. The regular workshops, according to Karim Murcia, principle and CEO of GEMS Al Barsha National School, guaranteed that schools were addressing parents’ concern.




I’m a businesswoman in the United Arab Emirates

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Hazel Clayton

Hazel Clayton

I’m a businesswoman in the United Arab Emirates

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