UAE: ‘Together We Are Good’ An Initiative By The Abu Dhabi Community.

People always has the heart to help other people! The Abu Dhabi City of the United Arab Emirates has launched this great campaign to help other people affected by this pandemic.

Dh1b raised to support the Covid-hit as UAE Group steps up. The campaign has seen more than 30,000 contributions helping more than 400,000 people across Abu Dhabi. A group drive that was initiated in Abu Dhabi during Covid-19 helped collect more than Dh1bn to support those impacted by the pandemic. The ‘Together We Are Great’ initiative by the Social Contribution Authority (Ma’an) helped raise Dh438 million in funds and more than Dh600 million in-kind within 100 days. It has had more than 30,000 donations reaching over 400,000 residents around Abu Dhabi. The first-of-its-kind initiative focused on bringing together the world to support those affected by the crisis. The funds were used to provide medical and educational assistance as well as food supplies and essential necessities. In addition, thousands of people dedicated their time as volunteers, transforming the model of social service services and creating a new group response norm for potential challenges. More than 27 million balanced meals have been distributed to staff through 35 complexes; 1,744 front-line medical personnel have benefited from hotel and villa accommodation; more than 20,000 high-quality, nutritious and healthy food packages have been distributed to 40,000 people, including rice , pasta, dates, beans, tea, jam and noodles. Additionally, 24 government agencies have come forward to donate more than 4,000 laptops and tablets to help children continue their education at home. About 8,000 students have provided financial assistance from the initiative to ensure continuity of education. Mubadala, Arkan and Emirates Steel workers have contributed part of their monthly remuneration to the scheme. The ‘Together We Are Good’ program reflects the true values of social cohesion and unity in Abu Dhabi with 96 community groups also contributing and over 6,000 people volunteering.

We can defeat this virus together!




I’m a businesswoman in the United Arab Emirates

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Hazel Clayton

Hazel Clayton

I’m a businesswoman in the United Arab Emirates

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