The UAE releases another documentary regarding its groundbreaking Space Exploration: The Story of Hope!

The Emirates News Agency has released “The story of Hope,” its second documentary, to commemorate the UAE’s groundbreaking achievements in the space sector and the first anniversary of the successful orbital launch of the Hope Probe around Mars. The 12-minute film chronicles Arabs’ pioneering achievements in various sciences throughout history, as well as the UAE’s historical footprint in the global space sector, which includes the first Emirati astronaut’s arrival at the International Space Station and the successful implementation of the first Arab mission to Mars.

According to Mohammed Jalal Al Rayssi, Director-General of WAM, “The story of Hope” was created to document a journey of commitment and tireless work by the UAE and its youth in the field of space exploration and pioneering national achievements that are celebrated globally, following the successful launch of its first documentary “1971” to celebrate the UAE’s Golden Jubilee. “We took all age groups into consideration when writing this documentary, and we aimed to tell the tale in an engaging way,” Al Rayssi said. “Space is an inventive and rich topic that appeals to all ages, and many young Emiratis are keen to continue its study.”




I’m a businesswoman in the United Arab Emirates

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Hazel Clayton

Hazel Clayton

I’m a businesswoman in the United Arab Emirates

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