Due to an increase in COVID-19 infections, the UAE has expanded remote learning for schools and institutions

The UAE has extended the remote learning program for schools and universities from January 17 to 21, according to state news outlet WAM, in order to assist combat the spread of COVID-19 across the country. It also announced that all in-person tests would be postponed until January 28. “This decision affects educational facilities across the UAE, with local authorities and teams having the right to regulate its implementation,” stated Al-Mansouri Hazza Al-Mansouri, the UAE Education Sector’s Official Spokesman.

The coronavirus pandemic, according to Al-Mansoori, is being continuously monitored in order to ensure the safe return of students, teachers, and administrative personnel to schools and institutions. Overnight in the UAE, there were 2,616 new COVID-19 infections, 982 recoveries, and four fatalities.




I’m a businesswoman in the United Arab Emirates

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Hazel Clayton

Hazel Clayton

I’m a businesswoman in the United Arab Emirates

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