COVID-19 Talks: Preparation for the navigation of the Now and the Next.

COVID-19 has an impact on every person, community, and organization on the planet unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. The consequences differ from market to market, sector to sector, and person to person, and there is a great deal of ambiguity. Still, one thing is certain: we’re all concerned about one another, committed to improvement, and optimistic about the future. As we accept this ‘new normal,’ we at ASDA’A BCW remain people-first and client-centric. We’ve moved quickly and with agility, like many of our clients, to operate in new ways and provide work that matters more than ever. This entails assisting our clients in navigating the NOW and planning for the NEXT.

Our clients are now concentrating on ensuring business continuity. We collaborate to produce crucial internal and external communications to support day-to-day operations in this fast-changing environment. At the same time, we’re assisting our clients in anticipating and planning for the future. The world will be eternally transformed when we emerge from this crisis. People will think, feel, and act in new ways. Companies will enter recovery mode, which will necessitate not only reconstruction but, in many cases, corporate transformation. To move people, rich ideas, creativity, and smart communications will be required. That is precisely what we do.




I’m a businesswoman in the United Arab Emirates

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Hazel Clayton

Hazel Clayton

I’m a businesswoman in the United Arab Emirates

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