Automated offshore inspections are set to be revolutionized because to UAE innovation!

Hazel Clayton
2 min readMay 13, 2022

Defuzzy Labs, a Sharjah-based robotics company specializing in unmanned systems, has teamed up with SubUAS, the US company behind the Naviator Air-Sea Drone platform, to demonstrate its latest robotics fleet management solution in a way that could change the way offshore inspections are done in the future. The Sharjah-based operator instructed a Naviator drone fleet to do an inspection from almost 11,000 kilometers away, alongside the SubUAS team stationed in New Jersey, in a demonstration held at the AWS Energy Symposium in Houston last week.

Defuzzy claimed it used AWS’ Roborunner service to control several Naviator drones over the cloud with its robotics fleet management solution. “With this scalable and modular solution, Defuzzy can easily integrate and control robots of various makes, models, and forms into the fleet.” The cloud services will also aid in the enhancement of remote monitoring solutions and the completion of precise robotic inspections, hence boosting the safety and efficiency of inspection activities, according to the company.

Defuzzy’s Sharjah-based engineers watched and controlled multiple Naviator drones in New Jersey during the experiment. “In the background, the fleet management technology automatically planned a mission and assigned it to the available drone,” it added. “The Sharjah-based operator was then seen monitoring the fleet’s condition and the live video stream of the inspection routine.”